What Makes MINERVA® Different?

The difference between MINERVA® and any other research method is that, during research, the participant does not only evoke a situation in their thoughts but becomes emotionally involved. The reason for this is that, we can reach a so-called implicit procedural memory; where the ‘how’of closely-linked emotions, attitudes and relationships are stored. It is as if we were to take an imaginary journey through space and time into the very skin of a person in the target group. Our approach is based on the observation of conscious and unconscious behavior. No other in-depth interview or focus group - not even the ones using projective techniques - can deliver these kind of results. Instead, they focus on a cerebral nervous and psychological system which is responsible for predominantly rationalized, intellectualized and isolated answers, offering no kind of explanation for the real triggers of human behavior.

MINERVA® combines analysis of conscious phrasing and unconscious emotions and action.